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"Since 1986, dedicated to the conservation and protection of our underground resources."

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TCMA exists to acquire, conserve, and manage caves, and to promote research and education regarding caves and karst while providing responsible access to our preserves.


The Texas Cave Management Association is the most recognized and respected cave and karst conservancy in Texas.  TCMA protects 75 geographically diverse preserves through our own efforts and partnerships, allowing controlled access for scientific and, when appropriate, recreational use.  TCMA encourages research and provides education on karst protection, investing $75,000 annually in these efforts.  TCMA acquires 10 conservation easements annually to encourage protection of sensitive karst areas.  TCMA has annual revenue in excess of $150,000, with a $200,000 stewardship endowment and over $100,000 in cash and assets.  Our 500+ members, many of whom are non-cavers, actively support our organization through volunteerism and giving.  TCMA sets the standard in resource stewardship and new conservation, and is the leader in strong organizational standards and practices in Texas.

Who We Are

TCMA was Chartered in 1986 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit Texas corporation in support of:

The preservation for posterity of the caves and caverns of Texas and their mineral, biological, archaeological and aesthetic contents; to promote the conservation and study of caves within the state of Texas; to promote and support any scientific and educational programs on caves in Texas the Board of Directors shall from time to time authorize; to acquire real and personal property by lease, ownership or other means.  All of the activities are to be carried out solely for conservation, scientific and educational purposes and not for profit.

What we do!

First, above all we are dedicated to preserving Texas Caves. Caves are a delicate resource

What you can do! Volunteer!

Volunteers are always needed to further the work of TCMA. Check the TSA website calendar for for projects or other scheduled events.

Volunteers lead educational trips, participate in work projects, manage properties, photo monitoring activities, survey caves, and map caves.

The TCMA now has a member and interested party list server for the latest news and information about the TCMA.  An e-mail is typically sent out monthly.  If you'd like to subscribe to the news list, please send a blank e-mail to: The subscription is automatic!  This is NOT a public discussion list.


TCMA Officers

President - Gregg Williams
Vice President - Jim Kennedy
Secretary - Jay Jorden
Treasurer - Joe Ranzau

TCMA Committee Members

Acquisitions Committee (ad hoc) -
Chair: Travis Scott
Members: Jerry Atkinson, Jim Kennedy, Linda Palit, Ron Ralph, Geary Schindel, Matt Turner, William Russell

Archives Committee (ad hoc) -
Chair: Ann Scott
Members: Jerry Atkinson, Ron Ralph, Linda Palit

Budget Committee (standing) -
Chair: Ron Ralph
Members: Michelle Bryant, Michael Cicherski, Susan Souby

Communications Committee (ad hoc)
Chair: Jay Jorden
Members: Joe Mitchell, Matt Turner, Saj Zappitello

Database Committee (ad hoc)
Chair: Denise Prendergast
Members: Susan Souby

Finance Committee (ad hoc)
Chair: Michael Cicherski
Members: Linda Palit, John Brooks, Saj Zappitello

Fundraising Committee (ad hoc)
Chair: Pam Campbell
Members: Don Arburn, Evelynn Mitchell, Jill Orr, Linda Palit, Ann Scott, Saj Zappitello

Insurance Committee (ad hoc)
Chair: Michael Cicherski
Members: Linda Palit, Joe Ranzau, Jill Brooks

Membership Committee (ad hoc)
Chair: Bennett Lee
Members: Joe Mitchell, Linda Palit, Matt Turner, Saj Zappitello

Nominations Committee (Standing)
Chair: Galen Falgout
Members: Don Arburn, Matt Turner

Preserves Management Committee (ad hoc)
Chair: Jim Kennedy
Members: : Don Arburn, Joe Mitchell, Ryan Monjaras, David Ochel, Ron Ralph, Matt Turner, Ellie Watson

TCMA Board of Directors
Board Member Description

Lindsey Adamoski
Christi Burrell
Pam Campbell
Michael Cicherski
Galen Falgout
Lee Jay Graves
Jay Jorden
Jim Kennedy
Amy Morton
Denise Prendergast
Joe Ranzau
Drew Thompson
Gregg Williams

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