TCR Members Meeting

There will be a members meeting during TCR, SATURDAY OCTOBER 14th @ 9am. The plan is to meet on the big patio on the left side of the main building. I will be sending out an agenda before the meeting, if you want a copy please print it out yourself or save it to your favorite device. I am trying to avoid printing out a large stack that will just end up in the trash. If there is a topic you would like on this agenda please let me know.

Gregg Williams

Harvey Relief Donations

Even though the rains in Houston have taken a break, there is still a long way to go to dig out of the mess Harvey has made of the Texas coast. Let’s all come together as the family of cavers we are and lend a helping hand to the folks who are in need right now.

Please take a few minutes reach deep and give what you can. Remember, you can earmark those donations to a specific caver family if you already have someone in mind to help out.

If you can’t give money, consider giving your time. Rockport, Port Aransas, Houston, and many other communities are in shambles. I’ve rarely seen a group of folks work harder than cavers to reach a goal. Getting these communities back on their feet is a lofty one but it’s doable with us all working together.