Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors donate their time to the Texas Cave Management Association because they believe strongly in our mission and understand the importance of protecting caves and karst resources. They are well-established in the caving community and have numerous ties to other conservation agencies and nonprofits. Some have decades of experience serving on the boards of these conservancies. Our board members also come from a wide range of backgrounds, ensuring that we have a diverse culture and wide knowledge base to achieve our goals.

Interested in becoming a TCMA board member?

The TCMA Board of Directors is open to anyone who has a passion for conservation. At times, we may have a need for specific qualifications, such as land trust experience or nonprofit fundraising. However, as long as you have an interest in caving and cave conservation, you are welcome to apply.

Nominees are selected each summer, and elections are held in the fall. Directors are elected for three-year terms, and can serve for two terms in a row. After the second term, directors must take a mandatory break before running again. Officers must be board members and are elected by the board at the beginning of each year.

Some of the responsibilities of TCMA directors include:

  • attending at least 50% of board and member meetings,
  • representing TCMA in the community, such as presenting programs to civic or business groups,
  • participating in fundraising through events, presentations, grant writing, mailings, etc., and
  • participating in TCMA's annual evaluation and planning efforts.

If you want to become part of the group that actively protects our Texas cave resources, and help to direct and shape our conservation efforts, please contact any of the directors below for more information about becoming a TCMA board member.

Officers and Directors


Gregg Williams

Jan. 2015–Dec. 2017

Gregg Williams is a lifetime Texas resident and member of the Bexar Grotto. He has been an active caver for the many years and an avid outdoorsman with an eye for conservation. His has a dedication to the caving community and the region, coupled with a drive to further the caving community and its relations with landowners and the general public.


Jim Kennedy

Jan. 2015–Dec. 2017

Jim “Crash” Kennedy is a cave biologist, having spent 18 years working for Bat Conservation International. He recently started his own company, Kennedy Above/Under Ground LLC, where he continues to work on karst (and bat) management.

Mr. Kennedy has served two previous non-consecutive terms as TCMA director, and is the TCMA Preserve Committee Chair where he emphasises assisting the many Preserve Managers and improving our standards and developing Management Plans for our properties. He is a past President of the Texas Speleological Association and currently sits on the board of the Texas Speleological Survey. He is a Fellow and Life Member of the NSS, and spent four years on the instructional staff of the National Cave Rescue Commission.

He is deeply interested in cave conservation and management on a global scale, and currently chairs the steering committee (representing the National Speleological Society) for the biennial National Cave and Karst Management Symposium. He is a very active caver, coordinating and participating in digging, survey, and exploration projects across Texas and Mexico.


Lindsey Adamoski

Jan. 2017–Dec. 2019

Lindsey Adamoski entered her first cave at the age of 3 years, and has been caving regularly since early 2015. Ms Adamoski is currently a TCMA Board Member as well as the TCMA Fundraising Committee chairperson. She participates in the Robber Baron Open House, the TCMA fundraising auction, and other fundraising activities.

Ms. Adamoski was the 2015 winner of the Chuck Stuehm Award for new and exceptionally exuberant cavers. She is a member of the National Speleological Society (NSS) and the Texas Speleological Association. In addition, she serves as secretary for the Bexar Grotto.

Ms. Adamoski loves to take new cavers on beginner trips at Robber Baron Cave and enjoys educating others about caving, caving safety, and cave conservation. She has also had an article featured in the Texas Caver magazine.


Joe Ranzau

Jan. 2016–Dec. 2018

In addition to serving previous terms as a director and an officer of TCMA, Joe Ranzau has also been an officer of the Texas Speleological Association and the Bexar Grotto.

Mr. Ranzau's caving life started 19 years ago as a tour guide at Cave Without a Name. Some cavers from the Bexar Grotto would come out to go play in the stream passage. Mr. Ranzau wanted to know what was around the corner, so he joined in! From there, he quickly joined in the fun around the state at various projects like Kickapoo Caverns and Colorado Bend. Pat Copeland and other cavers lit a passion in him for cave conservation and restoration. This passion has taken him caving in many special places around the US, Mexico, and Belize.


Christi Burrell

Jan. 2017–Dec. 2019

Christi Burrell started caving in 1987. Her first cave was Robber Barron followed by Logan’s and then Benders Water Cave (now Twinkie’s Cave). She visited all three of these caves in a two week period. She was hooked. Since then, she has explored caves all over Texas, New Mexico, and other states. Mrs. Burrell has held office in the TSA in the past. She truly appreciates all of the conservation work that has been done by the TCMA.

In addition to caving, she also enjoys hiking, camping, backpacking, rock hounding, and canoeing. She is married to Mike Burrell, who is also a caver. They live on the property of Cave Without a Name in Boerne, Texas where her husband has been working for several years. Mrs. Burrell works at First Presbyterian Church San Antonio located 2 blocks from the Alamo in downtown San Antonio. Her work for the church is in the finance department, and she has been working in nonprofit finance for almost 20 years.

Pam Campbell

Jan. 2015–Dec. 2017

Pam Campbell has been caving since 2011 and is a member of the Bexar Grotto where she is currently serving as Treasurer.

She thoroughly enjoys exploring caves and getting that rush from climbing and squeezing through passages. She actively participates in survey trips and tank hauls and lends her time to Robber Baron projects. Ms. Campbell is the Chuck Stuehm recipient of 2013 and still enjoys guiding and encouraging new members.

Michael Cicherski

Jan. 2012–Dec. 2017

Michael Cicherski began caving in Bexar County in the mid-1980s. His first cave trips were quite lengthy, very difficult, and not for the faint of heart. He was hooked and from there has expanded his caving to include many caves across the USA and Mexico. The instinct to explore and the interest in field research is what drives Michael in the discipline of speleology.

Mr. Cicherski is a Fellow of the National Speleological Society, a member of the TCMA, and a member of the TSA. He has held positions of Treasurer for all organizations and is currently a Preserve Manager for the TCMA. In 2009, Mr. Cicherski was Treasurer for the International Congress of Speleology and a member of the Executive Board. He is also a member of The Explorers Club, a member of the Texas Chapter and has served as Treasurer and member of the Executive Committee for the past couple of years.

Mr. Cicherski is the Project Manager for the Perry Water Cave and Bonnie Hills Cave projects, and has been a part of the National Eagle Scout Association World Explorers Program, an effort of the Boy Scouts of America.

In addition to caving, Mr. Cicherski enjoys hiking the Pecos Wilderness and Big Bend, bike-riding and expanding his knowledge of gardening in South Texas.

Galen Falgout, 2015–2017

Jan. 2015–Dec. 2017

Galen Falgout was born and raised in southern Louisiana. He has lived in Austin Texas since 2003, and started caving in 2009. He is a mechanic by trade and an explorer by hobby.

Lee Jay Graves

Jan. 2016–Dec. 2018

Lee Jay Graves has worked worked with the TCMA since shortly after its inception, and was previously elected Director starting in 1991. He has been a member of the Texas Speleological Association since 1987, is a Life Member of the National Speleological Society (30591RL), and recently earned his 25-year pin from the NSS.

Mr. Graves began performing cave and karst research professionally in 1990, and has been involved in the continuing research into the threatened caves and karst of central Texas. He is a working caver, conducting karst terrain surveys, excavating sinkholes, and exploring and mapping the caves, as well as collecting cave invertebrates. In 2012, he began working for the City of Austin Watershed Protection department as a cave specialist.

Mr. Graves has devoted his life to caving, loves caving in Texas, and cherishes the fellowship of his fellow cavers.

Jay Jorden

Jan. 2013–Dec. 2018

Jay Jorden has been a caver since 1971, starting with the University of Texas Grotto. He is a Fellow and Life Member of the National Speleological Society. He joined the Texas Cave Management Association in the 1980s and has previously held a number of leadership positions with the conservation organization, including President and board member. Several years ago, he rotated out of the TCMA board to help enable others to participate and provide their perspectives on organizational priorities and strategic goals. He is now eager to return to the board, helping accelerate the conservancy's growth and driving new acquisitions of cave properties.

For the TCMA, Mr. Jorden founded the organization's first membership publication, the TCMA Activities Newsletter, and helped research and implement the acquisition of Whirlpool Cave in Travis County as one of the organization's first preserves. With the NSS, he has served as an officer of the Cave Conservation and Management Section and founded that organization's newsletter, the Cave Conservationist. He has also served as Director of the Cave Vandalism Deterrence Reward Commission and Chairman of the NSS Public Relations Committee.

Amy Morton

Jan. 2017–Dec. 2019

Amy Morton’s first wild cave was September 20th, 2014.  She has since visited nearly 100 different caves in eleven states and three countries. She is voracious and obsessed. In 2015, she won the Chuck Stuehm award for exuberant activity as a new caver for her grotto, the Greater Houston Grotto. She has been on expedition exploring, hauling tanks and surveying to a depth of 400 meters. Ms. Morton admits openly to having fear before every cave, but she walks through the fear every time. Because she has had so many great opportunities that have enriched her life greatly, she loves to give back to the activity.

As a TCMA member, Ms. Morton has contributed to survey projects in both Deep and Punkin Cave. She has helped with the Robber Baron Open House and shower building at the Deep and Punkin Nature Preserve. As a board member, she is the Archives Committee Chair.

Ms. Morton enjoys planning big events that involve coordinating a lot of people. In addition to being on the TCMA Board, she is the Co-Chair of the Texas Speleological Association. This job requires the organization of the TSA Spring Convention. She has volunteered for Texas Cavers Reunion and has planned several caving trips including to O-9 Well and CM Cave. She is also an active member of the NSS and Bexar Grotto. She was selected and named an Extraordinary Woman Leader in Speleology for 2017.

When she isn’t underground, Ms. Morton is a dance and elementary school teacher. She is the Color Guard Director at the University of Incarnate Word and a teaching assistant at Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary. She also enjoys hiking, backpacking, and being around animals.

Denise Prendergast

Jan. 2016–Dec. 2018

Denise Prendergast has been a caver for nearly 20 years. With a bachelor degree in Geology, she has a keen interest in resource conservation and the outdoors.

Ms. Prendergast currently serves on numerous TCMA committees and is chair of the Bylaws Revision Committee. She is excited to be part of the TCMA Board and enjoys assisting the organization in acquiring and protecting caves and karst.

Ms. Prendergast is currently an officer of the UT Grotto and a past Secretary of the Texas Speleological Association.

Drew Thompson

Jan. 2016–Dec. 2018

Drew Thompson has been an active member in the TCMA since 2005 and a board member since 2016.

He currently is employed by the City of Austin's Wildlands Conservation Division as a Biologist specializing in cave sciences. Through this work, he monitors and manages Balcones Canyonland Preserve caves and other City of Austin properties.

Mr. Thompson has been a part of numerous caving projects in the US and Mexico, was president of the UT Grotto of Austin 2016-2017, holds level one certification from NCRC, and is property manager for the Lost Oasis Cave Preserve.

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