Amazing Maze Cave

Preserve Manager: Bennett Lee

With nearly seven kilometers of surveyed passage, Amazing Maze Cave is the fourth longest cave in Texas. This bewildering three-dimensional maze of passages was formed by hypogenic (bottom up) dissolution. The cave was discovered when passages were intersected during highway construction. Getting lost and overheating are potential hazards in this hot and dry but fun “cavers” cave.

Fossils at Amazing Maze Cave


Amazing Maze Cave is managed by TCMA for the University Lands System. Per our management agreement, only TCMA members may visit Amazing Maze Cave for management or research-related trips, although recreational trips can take place before or afterwards. Access requires a formal request process, and thus, you should contact the cave manager well in advance of any proposed trips.

If you are on an approved trip and need to become a TCMA member or renew your membership, you can do so online on our Membership page. With your membership, you will receive a confirmation email that you must submit to your trip leader before entering the cave.

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