Preserve Visit Release and Waiver

To visit a preserve, you must contact the preserve manager to make arrangements, as they will need to be on site to let you into the cave. Preserve managers can also bring paper copies of the waiver for you to sign.

In consideration of the granting of permission to me, the undersigned, or my minor children, to visit the below listed Preserve owned or managed by the Texas Cave Management Association (TCMA), for the purpose of willingly entering caves, crevices, or underground passageways, voluntarily visiting or working on the surface of the property, or for any other legal purpose, I do hereby release the TCMA and its authorized designees in control of the premises from any and all losses and damages which may occur to my person, minor children, or property while engaged in such activities. I further acknowledge that such activities may be inherently dangerous, and it is my intention by this release to waive any claims which I may have, to assume all of the risks, known and unknown, which may arise from such activities, and to hold harmless from the same the TCMA and any authorized persons representing them.

I further acknowledge that I understand that under the so-called Texas Sportsman's Law (Texas CP&R Code, Ch. 75), effective 1 September 1989, the TCMA does not:

  1. assume that the premises are safe for cave exploration;
  2. owe the person to whom permission is granted a greater degree of care than is owed to a trespasser on the premises; or
  3. assume responsibility or incur liability for any injury to any person or property caused by any act of the person to whom permission is granted; and
  4. charge a fee for entry to the property.

I further acknowledge that the purpose of my visit is purely voluntary and recreational and that photographing or collecting of archeological, biological, or mineralogical specimens for the purpose of making scientific identifications is strictly prohibited without the express, written permission of the TCMA. I further acknowledge that the granting of permission to me or my minor children to enter upon the stated premises for the stated purposes is specifically limited to the date(s) listed below, and that entering upon the premises without specific permission at any other time constitutes trespass and may subject me to prosecution under the trespass laws of the State of Texas. I further acknowledge that I understand TCMA’s privacy policy regarding use of information provided on this release form.



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