Robber Baron Cave Preserve

Preserve Manager: Joe Mitchell
Assistant Manager: Mike Harris

Tours at the Robber Baron Open House

The Robber Baron Open House is Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and we hope you can attend! Even though advance reservations are now full, they are NOT required to take the regular self-guided tour to

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Robber Baron Open House 2017

The next Robber Baron Open House is scheduled for Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 9am to 3pm. This special event only occurs once every 18 months, so don’t miss this rare opportunity! The Open House is open to the public.

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2012 Robber Baron Cave Map

This map is a complete redraft, based largely on the 1976–77 survey with newer surveys used for additional passages and to improve the quality of the original in some areas. It uses a computer generated line plot as the backbone of the map to maximize its accuracy. Drafted by Joe Mitchell.

1978 Robber Baron Cave Map

This version was used for more than 30 years as the definitive map of the cave and formed the basis of the newer map. Drafted by Randy Waters.

1921 North Loop Cave Map

This is the oldest known map of Robber Baron Cave Map (then called North Loop Cave) and predates commercialization. Note that the North arrow actually points southwest, and the entrance is the currently-unused Historic Entrance. Some of the room and passage names in this map were previously unknown but were added to the 2012 map as a nod to the early history of the cave. Drafted by the U.S. Signal Corps.

You can help Robber Baron Cave.

If you are interested in helping us protect and maintain this unique and special part of San Antonio, please consider joining Friends of Robber Baron or donating to TCMA to help maintain Robber Baron Cave Preserve.

Donations may be made online, or checks may be mailed to TCMA, P.O. Box 7427, Austin, TX 78713. Please indicate on the check that it is in support of Robber Baron Cave Preserve.