Unnamed Carta Valley Cave

Preserve Manager: Lindsey Adamoski

This cave is located in the Carta Valley area of Edwards County, less than 7 miles from the Deep and Punkin Karst Preserve. The area is known for its large and beautiful caves such as Midnight, BMC, Blowhole, Deep, and Saltillo; and for large bat caves such as Punkin, Dunbar, and Rucker Bat caves. Despite decades of exploration, new caves are consistently being discovered in the region by those that actively seek them.

This cave is still being actively surveyed.  Over a kilometer of passage has been surveyed so far, and it’s still going strong! The cave has large walking passages that branch into multiple other passages; many of which are intersecting. Parts are decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, draperies, and columns while other areas are barren due to abundant condensation corrosion from the airflow. Like other caves in Carta Valley, there are hypogene features such as cupolas, vents, floor rifts, and multi-level phreatic mazes. Other caves in the area that have these qualities have proven to be quite significant. Some caves, such as Deep Cave and Midnight Cave, have no appreciable airflow at their entrances, yet are exceptionally significant caves in both length and beauty. 


Visitation and Survey

The cave is open to all TCMA members willing and able to participate in survey.  Everyone needs to be prepared for lots of tight crawling and a sporting cave trip that will last at least 8 hours.  If you are interested, contact the survey manager.

Profile - facing north
Profile - facing east

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