Privacy Policy

The TCMA is committed to using any information that visitors, members, and customers give us in a responsible manner.

Information collected by the TCMA will be used only by the TCMA as approved by the Board. The TCMA may make contact information available only to TCMA members, except in the case of TCMA officers, committee and commission chairpersons, and others who agree to have their contact information posted on the TCMA website because of their role within the Association. The TCMA will not rent or sell any information to non-affiliated organizations or businesses. The TCMA may use contact information to send news about or offer membership in the Association or affiliated organizations.

Labels with members’ or visitors’ postal addresses may be provided only to affiliated organizations, activities, committees, or commissions, and for a specific purpose and a one-time use, as approved by the Board.

Lists of members’ or visitors’ email addresses will not be shared or distributed. Email addresses may be used by the TCMA to contact members and visitors. Affiliated organizations, activities, committees or commissions, as approved by the Board, may use TCMA electronic systems to contact members or visitors. No list of email addresses will be provided.

Information collected on TCMA store customers will be kept confidential, used solely by the TCMA, and not provided to another organization or company. Web cookies will not be used to store personal information.

Financial information collected from TCMA members and customers will not be kept on the TCMA public website, and will not be made available to anyone except when permitted or required by law for fraud investigation. In this case, we may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in criminal investigation, but the information is not provided to these agencies or companies for marketing purposes.

Requests by members not to be included on any lists provided to affiliated organizations or otherwise included in information available to members or in the public domain will be honored.

Policy subject to change without notice, and the website version supersedes all other copies.

The most recent version of the TCMA Privacy Policy can be found at

Version 2010-09-19